Internal Plastering


This is a light coat of plaster which goes on as a final coat often after browning or bonding plaster has been applied as a basecoat. Plaster skim or multifinish can be used as the final coat on many surfaces including plasterboards or during any type of drylining works..


A basecoat plaster used as a lining plaster for skim or multifinish. Often applied in layers which need to dry out bit by bit before the final skim coat is applied.

Sand and Cement Floating

This coat is applied to the external (block) Wall inside the building. This coat is applied to take any unevenness or dips and hollows from walls to leave it flat for the finishing coat of plaster.


There are many types of prefabricated coving in different shapes and styles. By contacting our offices we can guide you through the right option for your needs.

External Plastering


Plain Finish

This is a flat surface finished with a fine sponge to leave a clean finish..

Nap Finish

This is a stipple effect finish textures with a sponge float for a rough effect.

Old Cottage Effect

This effect is made up of blobs of sand and cement that starts at ground level and works upward.

Sand and Cement Finish

This finish comes in white or the standard grey.


Dry Dashing - This is a coloured store of choice stuck to a white sand and cement background. Wet Dashing - This is a mix of stones, cement and lime applied to the wall as a wet mixture.

One Coat Render

This type of plastering is known as monocouche. It is a coloured plaster available in any colour you choose. This type of plaster can be finished by being scratched to leave a remarkable finish or can be napped like the sand and cement type of finish.