Ext Insulation

  External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a composite cladding system comprised of suitable insulation and waterproof coating which is applied to all the external walls of a building. The application of EWI reduces heating bills, and consequently, carbon emmisions also. External Wall Insulation (EWI) is the most efficient way to insulate an exsisting building. FACT! It uses the fabric of the building like a storage radiator. Because the heat can no longer escape through the outer layer of insulation, it is reflected back into the living areas, creating a constant warm home. That's why Polar Bears have their insulation on the outside! With up to 40% heat lost through external walls, EWI can help reduce your heating bills by up to 40%. It can also reduce your carbon footprint by cutting your CO2 emmissions by up to 2.5 tonnes per year.